Liquid Nitrogen Workstation
Liquid Nitrogen Workstation
  • Introduction
  • Characteristics
The workstation for transfer of liquid nitrogen is tailored to human assisted reproduction laboratory, which is used for the storage and use of liquid nitrogen. It is equipped with 1 liquid nitrogen tank and 4 liquid nitrogen grooves (with round or rectangular shape). The round groove suitable for cryo-straw be inserted into high foot tube directly, it means the cryo-straws are open storage in liquid nitrogen. The rectangular groove suitable for cryo-straw be inserted into mark tube, and then put them into high foot tube. Different designs are convenient for use of major reproductive centers.

1. Automatic suction
By connecting pipeline with original liquid nitrogen tank, quantitative liquid nitrogen can be automatically sucked into the trolley"s own liquid nitrogen tank. Without manual operation, no security risks.

2. Automatic warning
When liquid level in liquid nitrogen groove is lower than warning value, the trolley will warm immediately and supply liquid nitrogen automatically.

3. Human-computer interface
The trolley is equipped with computer interface, easy to understand, by three buttons can complete all operations.

4. Convenient
The trolley is designed to move with wheels, which is convenient to move in lab and to transfer liquid nitrogen.

5. Customize Service
We can provide customized services according to specific needs of reproductive centers.

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