Cleavage Stage Embryo Culturing Dish
Cleavage Stage Embryo Culturing Dish
  • Introduction
It is used for cleavage stage embryo culturing;

(1)The dish marks numbers, each number matches with corresponding freezing recovery culturing liquid droplet, easy to identify, no need other mark in the bottom of the dish;

(2)Each placed cleavage stage culturing liquid droplet has a circle area, each area has a slight undercut;

(3)Add corresponding blastocyst culturing liquid droplet into the area, which prevent the droplet compatible by shaking at droplet preparation、covering oil & transfer process. Unique double dishes design:Can reduce amount of using mineral oil;‚Can prevent an overflow of mineral oil at move process, which affect the embryo growth & development; ƒSingle dish bottom is conducive to cleavage stage embryo assisted hatching.
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